How to Mitigate the Global Computer Component Shortage

The world is facing a chronic computer component shortage due to a number of factors that have reduced supply and increased demand. The pandemic, Brexit and even bad weather have had a significant impact on the market, with a greater overall demand for technology coupled with increasing difficulties in manufacturing and the supply chain.

As the trend for digital transformation gathers pace, organisations are trying to harness the potential of technology to improve their business operations. But they face disappointment if they fail to think one step ahead.

So, how can you harness the benefits of digital technology and mitigate the challenges associated with the component shortage?

  1. Be prepared

One way to circumvent the component shortage is to plan your digital strategy in advance. By working closely with a technology specialist like us, you can discuss your evolving needs and pre-emptively respond to your requirements before they become business-critical. It’s also important to secure your order earlier to allow for expected and unforeseen delays.

  1. Seek alternative solutions

Another way to avoid getting caught up in the shortage is to be open to alternative solutions. The increasing flexibility of components means that businesses will often have a number of options that will meet your requirements. As the primary UK and Ireland distributor for a number of industry-leading global manufacturers, we are best placed to advise you on other suitable options should supply become an issue.

  1. Remove the non-essentials

If your digital evolution is stopped by a shortage of components that you don’t even need such as audio chips, then that can be incredibly frustrating. By ordering solutions with only the elements you need, you minimise the risks of low supply. This approach also means that you can order your essential hardware and add components later as and when they become available.

The main takeaway from the shortage of components is the importance of developing a strong relationship with your supplier. Our expertise in the industry means we can give you the right information to make decisions and minimise any disruption caused by supply complications. With a robust forward-looking strategy and a trusted supplier, you are able to weather any storm.

Want to know more?

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