How Red Lion’s FlexEdge™ Keeps the Wastewater Industry Flowing

By its very nature, the water industry is an industry in constant flow. Businesses operate in areas where multiple vendors are interacting repeatedly. For many, technology is the way forward to navigate the intricacies of this industry, giving them the resources to adapt to the challenges.

Wastewater companies across the globe rely on our partner Red Lion to keep operations running smoothly whatever environment they find themselves in. Their new solution, the FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform, combines a rugged design, adaptability, and ease of use to give wastewater operators the edge over their competitors.

Why FlexEdge™ is fit for purpose

FlexEdge™ is an edge automation platform that enables wastewater companies to bring their industrial data together from remote locations in real time. Its advanced networking capabilities mean that providing powerful and secure networking to operations in any environment is enabled with point and click simplicity. The FlexEdge™ is a dependable solution for control, networking, and data visualisation wherever businesses find themselves.

FlexEdge™ delivers a range of benefits to wastewater operators including:

Unlock capabilities remotely

Field Unlockable Software means that you are able to unlock even more of the FlexEdge’s huge potential without adding more hardware. Powerful new capabilities can be added via the software alone. This eliminates the need to purchase and implement new equipment. By unlocking new capabilities remotely, businesses both save money and reduce the costly downtime associated with application changes.

Adapting to business needs

As operational needs change, businesses require a solution that is able to keep up. The adaptability of the FlexEdge™ means that it is able to address changes as they occur. Unlike fixed-function devices, FlexEdge™ does not have to ‘learn’ multiple products or systems. It is equally capable of monitoring all functions remotely and sending distribution data to off-site personnel. Users are also able to add up to 10 hot-swappable I/O modules that provide high-density analogue, discrete, PID, relay and SSR options. This helps to improve both efficiency and productivity, optimising performance through the use of real time information.

Modernise Communications

FlexEdge™ helps to modernise aging communications and control infrastructures and both new and existing devices can be easily connected to the system. The platform not only reduces overall downtime but also allows frictionless scalability for large deployments. This is especially useful for operators in the wastewater industry who cannot afford to have extended periods in which they aren’t fully operational. The FlexEdge™ gives wastewater the ability to scale their business without adversely affecting their customers or operations.

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about the future of edge automation and how Red Lion’s FlexEdge™ benefits the Water industry, contact us here.

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