Ease of Integration: Advantech Open Frame Monitors

In today’s blog we’re taking a closer look at Open Frame Monitors. What are they and how can they be used?

Open Frame monitors are industrial touchscreen monitors which have just enough supporting structure to hold the required electronics and the LCD monitor, but without an enclosure or bezel confining the bare metal chassis. This means they can be built into another piece of equipment or cabinet – think of an arcade video game, in which the screen is mounted inside a larger, often decorative but robust and rugged cabinet. Open Frame monitors incorporate an integrated bracket design so they are quick and easy to install, and particularly ideal for kiosk integration.

In turn, this means that Open Frame monitors are highly flexible, and can be used across an array of specialised industrial and entertainment settings.

Introducing Advantech

At Distec, we are proud to partner with Advantech, which provides comprehensive monitor solutions with different front frame chassis options. Depending on your own integration needs, you can select precisely the right chassis for your environment and your users, with screen sizes ranging from 6.5” to 21.5”.

In particular, Advantech’s design features an ultra-slim and compact profile across all its monitors. They measure 20% less than the market average, making installation very simple and efficient. Each monitor also supports flexible rear/front/wall/stand mount with a VESA mounting interface standard, making them suitable for an array of indoor and outdoor applications. And because they are designed with IP65 certified enclosures, certifying their dust and humidity protection, they ensure stable operation in harsh environments.

So how might Advantech Open Frame monitors be used in practice? Here are some ideas.

Outdoor kiosks

Consider, for example, display and payment screens at fuel stations, bike rental systems, outdoor ATMs and payment terminals, or systems for issuing tickets and collecting payment in car parks. All outdoor kiosks need to rugged and resilient enough to withstand changing weather conditions and potential vandalism, and in most cases they need to be simple and intuitive for the public to access too. Built with our LCD optical enhancement solutions, wide temperature design, and robust touch input, Advantech’s large range of sizes and configurations meets all demands in this area.

Nowadays, displays are ubiquitous in transportation applications. Think about passenger information systems on trains and buses, train and marine control systems, taxi advertising screens and in-flight entertainment systems. Advantech provides comprehensive display systems for all these transportation markets, responding to the sector’s need for wide view angles, high brightness, wide temperature and ruggedness throughout.

Arcades and other gaming settings require widescreens, reliable touchscreen and flexible mechanical designs which can be integrated with an array of gaming platforms. Advantech also offers its own gaming platforms for a total gaming solution. Slot machines, lottery terminals, jackpot systems – all can be supported with Advantech’s technology.

Where next?

So if your organisation has a need for robust and rugged touchscreen technology – and, as we have outlined, many sectors do – Advantech could provide you with the flexibility and robustness you need. Get in touch with Distec today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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