Following the pandemic, many consumers have been looking forward to getting back out into the real world, visiting town and city centres to do their shopping in real bricks and mortar stores. However, we have all become so used to the endless choice and convenience of online shopping that the physical shopping experience will struggle to compete. Sore feet, limited choice, and the threat of the pandemic living in our recent memories may lead to shoppers favouring online shopfronts over the high street.

Customers are expecting more from their retail outlets in the new era. Shopping is no longer just about acquiring the things that you need, but also the experience that the brand offers you. So, what can retailers do to attract their customers enough to keep footfall flowing? The answer is a seamless blend of the virtual and the physical, offering the convenience and range of choice of digital with the added benefits that in-person engagement offers.


Experiential retail

Retailers should be aspiring to create a bespoke shopping experience, tailored specifically for their customers. Something that incorporates the tactile physical interactions of in-person shopping with the allure of technology. This combination is known as experiential retail.

Experiential retail places customer experience as the main priority and seeks to create an immersive and shareable experience that is stimulating to the customer and offers a unique and engaging experience of your brand.


Technology options from our partner Elo Touch Solutions

ELO Touch Solutions offer a number of modular touchscreen solutions that will allow you to create an experiential multimedia shopping experience for your customers. One of the most versatile ways to do this is by installing embedded touch screen computers. This works to ease the transition between online and physical shopping by offering immersive experiences and an interactive element.

There are also a number of large-format touchscreen options available that can provide an interactive digital experience in any environment. Close quarters shopfronts like makeup counters can utilise the smaller screens to bring their products to life, whereas larger screens can deliver an entirely augmented reality to show the full visual impact of bigger items. Home improvement options can be brought to life, things like a new kitchen or bathroom, or even a car.

Clothing outlets can take advantage of smart mirrors to incorporate augmented reality and a personal service into the changing rooms. These mirrors offer options to virtually ‘try-on’ different colours and styling options and even offer a concierge service to allow customers to message shop staff to bring other options or sizes without having to leave the cubicle.


Even more options

While the touchscreens themselves are brilliant options, you can build on this even further by adding the Elo Edge Connect System. This encompasses a range of peripheral options that you can use with your touchscreen to create a bespoke experience for your brand.


The Elo Edge Connect technology offers integrated modularity, allowing businesses to easily configure Elo products to fit nearly any use. Options include a handheld devices that feature barcode scanners, these can be used at point of sale or at pick-up points for goods ordered online, you can also utilise a status light, NF-RFID Reader, Fingerprint Scanner, MRS, EMV Cradles and cameras, like the Elo Edge Connect 3D camera. This camera allows customers to visually test makeup and clothing options without actually having to touch or apply them, meaning customers can find what they need easily and quickly. This is a huge advantage in the post covid era while so many of us are still conscious of protecting ourselves as we go back out into the world.


If you are interested Elo’s self-service solutions or want to learn more about how experiential retail can help your brand , contact us here


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