Red Lion ProducTVity Station - Plant Floor Communications System

  • Ready to Deploy Plant Floor Visualization System

  • Creates Hi-Definition Key-Performance Indicator and Andon Message Boards

  • 720P DVI Output Supports 720 or 1080 TVs with DVI or HDMI Interfaces

  • 200+ Communications Drivers for Communicating Directly with PLCs, Drives, Etc.

  • Supports up to 16 CS-Series Modules to Accept Digital and Analog Signals

  • Built-In Webserver Allows Remote View or Control from any Internet Connected PC

  • Provides Email and SMS Text Message Alerts

  • Includes 2GB Compactflash Card for Recording KPIs and Andon Events

  • Syncs Data Logs to FTP Servers And Microsoft SQL Server

  • 32-Bit Floating Point Math Allows Creation of Virtually any Key Performance Indicator

  • Includes HDMI Cable And HDMI/DVI Adapter to Support any PC or Monitor

  • Programmed with Red Lion's popular Crimson software

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The ProducTVity Station is a ready to deploy solution for displaying productivity information, andon messaging, and process status on any off-the shelf TV, PC monitor and even projectors. The PTV leverages over 200 communications drivers via three independent serial ports and an Ethernet port, to connect and collect data from virtually any PLC, drive, bar code scanner, etc. Its 720p (1280 x 780 resolution) DVI output is compatible with both 720p and 1080p/i TVs. The ProducTVity Station’s built-in data-logger can record any key performance indicators, as well as andon events for later review. The PTV can synchronize the log files with any FTP server and/or Microsoft’s SQL Server for further analysis. The ProducTVity Station extends production monitoring to remote personnel by providing email and text alerts, and its built-in webserver allows productivity information to be monitored via any networked PC or smart-phone. If enabled, remote personnel can take partial or full control of the system remotely, allowing a maintenance person to effect changes without a site visit. The ProducTVity Station ships complete with a 2GB CompactFlash card, as well as a DVI to HDMI cable (15´), and HDMI/DVI adapter. The PTV is programmed with Red Lion’s popular Crimson software.
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