Starbit Stairwell Directory and Information boards

Main Features:

  • Movement detection (temporary turns the screen off, when no-one is around)
  • Customised software to adapt to your ERP business system
  • Made for 24/7 use.
  • Multi communication, SMS, Mail and screen notifications.
  • Interactive – with Touch or Airswipe
  • Can be a local communication platform for residents (buy and sell etc)
  • Slim construction with theft protection
  • Sound and synthetic voice as optional


Starbit Stairwell Directory and Information boards

Starbits Stairwell Display gives real estate companies the upper hand in terms of communication and energy saving. The system is equipped with sensors to control backlights. No one there – no light is shown. That saves energy – and money – along with being a great deal for the environment.

Durable Design guarantees a long lifetime

The Stairwell display comes with multiple channels which makes it possible to use a function that duplicates the information through mail, sms, facebook or a website to reach all residents. It’s built for a long life and with industrial use in mind.

With a smart touchscreen or airswipe bidirectional communication is in use. Our solutions – with ERP – allow a connection to existing systems. It’s easy to use and easy to adapt to our other modules and systems.

By using our systems no information falls through the cracks. Everyone gets the same information and the given communication is in your control. Perfect for apartment complexes- houses, housing societies or hotel lobbies.