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  • CAN I/O PLC / RS485 Gateway (Rev.G)

  • CAN I/O PLC / RS232 Gate­way (Rev.G)

  • CAN Gateway Module

  • Universal Gateway 5x CAN

  • CAN I/O PLC Waterproof / RS485 Gateway

  • CAN I/O PLC Waterproof / RS232 Gateway

  • Micro PLC CAN LIN

  • Micro Gateway

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MRS Electronic Gateways are the central point of contact for all control units. You can transmit and evaluate all information and data, so all ECUs can communicate and work with each other. They are used primarily in the automotive sector, where they control and coordinate all control units in the vehicle. This enables error-free and secure communication between all controllers.

Gateway Highlights:

  • The compact car-compatible CAN I/O PLC / RS485 Gate­way module is used to extend existing can controls, but can also be used as a standalone PLC controller.
  • The compact car-compatible CAN Gateway Module with PLC function is used for the simple expansion of existing vehicle functions with low wiring requirements. It is freely programmable and equipped with 3 can interfaces.
  • The Universal Gateway 5x Can by MRS allows data exchange between CAN-Bus systems.
  • The most compact Gateway of MRS Electronic is the Micro PLC CAN LIN. 
  • The smallest CAN & LIN bus gateway for automotive applications is the Micro Gateway

About MRS Electronic
MRS Electronic is a global electronics solutions provider, serving the world’s leading automotive and specialty vehicle companies’ needs for smart electronics, controls, embedded software, connectivity, mobile subsystems, and complete custom turnkey solution development and production.

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