FlexiTilt Indoor Kiosk

FlexiTilt Indoor Kiosk

FlexiTilt is an ADA-friendly interactive kiosk. This model has an ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable experience for the user. FlexiTilt is a model with many possibilities in terms of customization, and it works excellent, for instance, as a digital reception.

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FlexiTilt from Rosendahl Concept Kiosk is a comfortable kiosk for interaction. It is designed with an interactive touch screen in an angle to create an ergonomic experience for the user. The model is developed to be sleek and fit into any environment.

Though comfort was a primary focus in this kiosk, it does not sacrifice function. It is still a customizable kiosk with options such as QR-scanner, receipt printer, payment system, card readers, keyboard, and much more.

An essential feature of the FlexiTilt is its height as it is an ADA-friendly self-service kiosk. The design of the FlexiTilt makes it a perfect model to use as a digital reception or a hospital kiosk.

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