FlexiStand Indoor Kiosk

FlexiStand Indoor Kiosk

FlexiStand is the smallest indoor kiosk from Rosendahl Concept Kiosk.  It has a tablet-like style to it. This interactive kiosk fits perfectly into receptions and lobbies where it can function as a self-service solution, for instance, as a check-in point. Due to its relatively small size, it fits into all areas, and it works excellently when limited space is an obstacle.




A simple tablet-like solution from Rosendahl Concept Kiosk. Crafted to fit a tablet or a touch screen monitor. Perfect for situations with a need to show off content like a website or as a digital reception.

Our partners and customers often use the FlexiStand as an addition to other kiosks, where it works as a “lite-version.” Due to its small size, the integration options are also more limited than other units.

That being said, the FlexiStand is customisable, and it works in many situations.

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