FlexiMidi Indoor Kiosk

FlexiMidi Indoor Kiosk

FlexiMidi is the first-ever Conceptkiosk. This indoor kiosk has an angled sleek design that makes it fit into every environment. FlexiMidi has evolved a lot over time, and it is today a favourite for public areas and crowded areas in general. It is highly customisable and can fit many different components.




FlexiMidi Indoor Kiosk

The FlexiMidi from Rosendahl ConceptKiosk is the original Conceptkiosk model that shaped all our products. It has been part of our selection since the very beginning, and the design has evolved through the years.

The FlexiMidi has a sleek angled design that enables installation near walls without compromising the environment in which it is installed. Our customers often choose the FlexiMidi for public areas or any location with loads of people, for example in supermarkets. Interacting with the kiosk is simple through a touchscreen.

The FlexiMidi can be customised to fit many different components such as a QR-scanner, receipt printer, payment system, card readers, keyboard, and much more.

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