FlexiMaxi Indoor Kiosk

FlexiMaxi is the largest of our indoor kiosks. Due to its size, often it is used in projects with a high need for customisation. Due to much capacity inside, it can host many different components at once. FlexiMaxi works well in all solutions but is notably a favourite for more complex projects.




FlexiMaxi Indoor Kiosk

The FlexiMaxi is developed as a sleek unit to differentiate from the FlexiMidi design. Later it has become a model often used in highly customized kiosk projects.

As the requirement for more integrations has increased, so has the size of the FlexiMaxi. In one project, it has over six integrated printers for different types of RFID arm wrists as an access point solution. The model has endless integration options while preserving the design.

Maintenance of the unit is easy due to a door opening function. The opening function enables servicing the unit from the front. If you require a highly customizable interactive kiosk, FlexiMaxi could undoubtedly be the direction to go.

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