Controllers (PLC)

Full Product Range:

  • Micro PLC 12 V
  • Micro PLC 24 V
  • Micro PLC 9-30 V
  • Controller M1 12 V
  • Controller M1 24 V
  • Proportional Amplifier 9-30 V
  • Controller M3 12 V
  • Controller M3 24 V





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Controllers (PLC) are digitally operating electronic systems from MRS Electronic, which in the simplest case work with four components (inputs, outputs, operating systems and interfaces). These four components can be used to control machines or systems, as the name implies. Programmable memory allows user-oriented control statements to be stored and executed via the inputs and outputs.

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MRS Electronic is a global electronics solutions provider, serving the world’s leading automotive and speciality vehicle companies’ needs for smart electronics, controls, embedded software, connectivity, mobile subsystems, and complete custom turnkey solution development and production.

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