AOPEN KP180 Conference Camera

Main Features:

  • 180° Viewing Angle
  • Multiple viewing modes
  • Flexibility in mounting on a screen
  • Supplied with a safety cover as a privacy shield
  • Compliant with all major meeting apps
  • Optional KP180 Studio software for people tracking and multiple viewing modes
  • Tilt function for the perfect view 4K Resolution


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AOPEN KP180 Conference Camera

The AOPEN KP180 is a 180° viewing angle camera with 4K resolution for video conferencing or remote learning. Being seen and heard correctly during teleconferences is paramount, and could not be more important. Dual 5MP wide-angle cameras capture a full 180° so that everyone in the room can be part of the meeting. The entire whiteboard is viewable for remote learning, and the instructor is tracked automatically using the onboard camera intelligence. The KP180 offers several mounting options: top of a screen, bottom of a screen, or mounted to a small tripod.

The KP180 is a 180° webcam for video conferences. Running on Windows OS, MacOS, and Chrome OS with optional video conferencing software for multiple viewing modes and people tracking.

180° Viewing Angle
Most webcams have a 90° or even a 60° viewing angle. This means that in small to medium-sized meeting rooms, not everyone in the room will be in the picture. The dual-lens camera system, which stitches the two views into one image ensures a quality picture without distortion.

Safety cover
When the camera is not in use, because your meeting has ended, you use the cover to ‘‘blind’’ the lenses. Aside from clean lenses, it also ensures that nobody can sneak into a (non-online) meeting.

Mounting options
The KP180 has a variety of mounting options. It can be mounted on top of the screen of underneath it. Because of the tilting options, it doesn’t matter how you place the device to ensure a good view of the

KP180 Studio Software
The KP180 software contains some interesting features. It allows you to select multiple people present in the meeting room, present them in split-screen and allows you to track and identify them when they change position or move. The software works on Windows and MacOS.

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