43″ Vestel PDH43UH82/4 High Bright Signage Display

Main Features:

  • 43″ Display
  • Resolution: 1920×1080 (FHD)
  • Brightness: 700 cd/m2
  • Operation: 24/7
  • Bezel: 7-11 mm (T/R/L), 13-14 mm (B)
  • Interface: HDMI 2.0 / VGA / USB / RS232 /RJ45 / RJ12 / IR / HP / Audio / Speaker
  • Application Area: Retail, Transportation


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43″ Vestel PDH43UH82/4 High Bright Signage Display
Vestel PDH43UH82/4 is a 43″ high bright signage display with powerful built in solutions so you can effortlessly show material without the need for external playback devices.

Temperature Control
You can manage the internal conditions of the Vestel PDH43UH82/4 to maximise the life of your product by using temperature settings. This feature allows you to determine max shutdown temperature to ensure about the reliability of your signage display. You can also simultaneously get the information of cabinet temperature to your CMS system by using RS232 commands.

Display Control over RS232 and LAN
Our platform allows users to control their displays, using a large range of commands through either a Local Area Network or direct RS232 Serial connection.

Pixel Shifting
The Pixel Shifting feature of the Vestel PDH43UH82/4 can be activated in order to reduce the potential risk of image sticking when static content is displayed over long periods of time. The feature periodically shifts the image on the display, without causing any interference of the visual experience.

Brightness Scheduler
Customisation of a range of brightness levels via manual setup without any sensor requirement is made available using the brightness scheduling feature. The feature also helps to decrease the energy expenses while saving the environment and extending the life of the monitor.

Other Screen Sizes
Other options in the Vestel PDH series include; 49″ and 55″.