Rosendahl Conceptkiosk A/S

Rosendahl is a leading manufacturer of interactive digital solutions.

Rosendahl Conceptkiosk UK Distributor

We are an authorised Rosendahl Conceptkiosk UK reseller serving the UK and Ireland.  We provide indoor floor-standing kiosks, wall mounted kiosks and outdoor kiosks which come in various types and styles.  All can be customised to meet your needs with many different options such as touchscreen, integrated computers and rugged keyboards.

Rosendahl Conceptkiosk  has more than 15 years of experience with development and production of digital signage to advertising, information and touch screens. To the entire world.

Rosendahl Conceptkiosk are built on the core values of Danish craftsmanship, from development to production, everything done in a high quality with creativity and a forward thinking perspective, which characterizes the company.

Rosendahls digital solutions appears both timeless and sleek, both for indoor and outdoor usage. The information solutions have a user-friendly approach to service.

FlexiTilt Indoor Kiosk

Indoor Kiosks


Indoor Signage 

Dura Outdoor

Outdoor Kiosks

FlexiOutdoor Wall wall-mounted interactive kiosk

Outdoor Wall Kiosks

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