Partner Product Showcase: Vestel Q Series 24/7 Digital Signage Displays

This month, we are putting the spotlight on digital signage specialist Vestel and the latest Q series LED light displays.

What is it?

The Q series is the new series of LED light displays from Vestel. The display comes in three sizes, delivering a 49-inch, a 55-inch, and a 65-inch screen. It is designed for 24-hour use with long-life LEDs which gives the Q series a slender side profile. The high resolution and picture quality can be shown in both a landscape and portrait orientation.

The Q series is built with Android compatibility, which allows for third-party CMS software and apps, giving you greater versatility to manage and display content with ease. The Q Series also comes with multiple connection options available on the displays.  This includes 3 HDMI ports, alongside an OPS slot, external control and a USB media player.

Key Features

Brighten your customer experience

The Q Series has been created to deliver excellent picture quality and is perfect for indoor environments, providing notably high brightness for displays of this size and price-point. This makes them ideal for areas of high ambient lighting – such as retail spaces, schools, or corporate environments.

Robust design gives you peace of mind

Each of the Q Series displays have been specifically designed and tested for 24/7 usage. With the trials and tribulations that come with a commercial environment, the Q Series is able to bring the required robustness to function reliably with a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours. This is due to a durable yet slim-line ELED design that gives a premium look and feel for any business. The Q Series also offers the flexibility of portrait or landscape orientation, combined with the option of three different display sizes, ensuring the Q Series is equipped with the versatility to be used in almost any space.

Simplicity for easy user experience

The Q Series comes with an abundance of connectivity and CMS options that have been made available to simplify operations for the user. The Q Series is also compatible with Android OS, which brings with it a multitude of third-party applications and software. This enables you to manage and display content in any way you choose. Built-in browser connectivity also means that you can automatically showcase content from a website or predefined URL as soon as the display is turned on, giving you complete control.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about the Vestel Q Series family, contact us here.

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