Partner News: MRS release the first MRS AEF Certified Controller – CC16WP 2 MB.

The new 32-bit CC16WP is now available with a 2 MB flash memory. The MRS AEF Certified Controller is ISOBUS-capable and can be used optimally for your applications in agricultural technology. You can implement more extensive and complex programming options for your agricultural applications. Another advantage: You can cache more data without any storage space problems. The control is therefore ISOBUS-capable and optimally applicable for your applications in agricultural technology.

With the AEF certified hardware by MRS Electronic you can now program your ISOBUS functionality on the CC16WP and let your attachment communicate with the TECU (Tractor ECU), UT (Universal Terminal) or other ISOBUS functions. With the 2 CAN-Bus interfaces the ISOBUS communication can be covered on the one hand and on the other hand further ISOBUS-independent components in your implement can be controlled.

Applications in agricultural technology 

  • Motor Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Comfort Control e.g. Driver’s seat
  • Valve Control
  • Sensor Processing
  • ISOBUS Communication

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