Shell Aviation relies on ecom's Zone 1 / Division 1 tablet computer, the Tab-Ex® 01, to run and optimize SAP cloud platform which they use on a daily basis.


Shell aviation provides fuel services to airline customers worldwide, refueling an aircraft every 14 seconds. Before all Shell operators started to work with explosion-proof tablet, they were equipped with paper and pen to register with how many liters of fuel the plane was refueled with.

With a pieces of software, an SAP cloud-based application, and the Tab-Ex® 01 paperless workflow is enabled. The operator's job is simplified by using the Tab-Ex® 01 right next to the airplanes on the field which is defined as an Ex-area.

All necessary information can be entered, monitored and even the necessary signature can be made directly on the field thanks to the Tab-Ex® 01. This provides a greater operational efficiency, reduces costs and provides a quicker turnaround to the costumers - just to name a few advantages of the digitalized workflow.


All entered information is available immediately on all computers and mobile devices because of a real-time data exchange via the cloud. Therefore all data is more accurate and completely up-to-date. In contrast to previously when 24 or even 48 hours have been needed until all notes from the papers are integrated into the system, all data is now available in real time.

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