Product Information 

Elo has expanded the M-Series Desktop Touch Monitor family of products with the introduction of 2002L desktop touch monitor. The 2002L is available with Elo’s latest projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch display with a ten-touch “tablet-like” interactive experience. The M-Series family of products (1002L, 1502L and 2002L) all offer the same peripherals and mounting options across models. 

The latest addition to the M-Series family offers a significant feature up in its design. At 19.5 inches, the display offers 11.5% more real-estate with crisper images on the new full HD panel. With a zero-bezel edge-to-edge glass display, the 2002L is easy to clean and creates a sleek, modern profile for many applications. And the flexible and space-saving industrial design with built-for-touch reliability makes the 2002L perfect for retail and hospitality environments. Even with all of these new features, the 2002L comes in at a lower cost than the previous generation 1919L-Series.