Elo are pleased to announce the introduction of the 02-Series large format touchscreens. The Interactive Digital Signage display family developed for retail, hospitality, education, corporate meeting rooms and healthcare environments, offers an interactive canvas to attract and engage consumers, visitors and employees. Easy to deploy and durable, the displays withstand the heavy use of a commercial setting. With IDS touchscreens, digital experiences have never been more dynamic.

Modern design and ultra-thin format


  • Ultra-thin, only 5 cm wide (2-inches).
  • Sleek, true flat edge-to-edge glass.
  • High versatility with on screen touch-based settings menu and advanced color management.
  • Engage customers with stunning 32, 42 and now also 46 inch sizes HD touch displays.
  • Windows or Android based pc module options; enabling our EloView cloud-based management software (Android versions).
  • Deliver reliable, "built for touch" commercial-grade performance.
  • Provide smartphone-like touch experiences with up to 10 touches simultaneously and fast, sensitive response.