Dougie the Distec Bear has a Dream and that Dream is to Travel the World. 


Dougie who is a valuable member of the Distec team has previously been working hard in our office and warehouse. However he now wants a change as he wants to see the world. He has asked permission from Distec's directors Noel and Adrian and has had their blessing to fulfil his dream and attempt to visit as many places as possible.


Dougie has started his travels by tagging along with director Noel to visit Majorca and meet our partners Elo Touch Solutions at the Elo conference. He left this Sunday and is currently loving life climbing trees, sun bathing and even having the occasional beer.


With the help from Distec and Distec's partners Dougie will hopefully be travelling to every continent, visiting many countries and meeting new people. Dougie wants to share his story and make new friends, please follow him on Twitter @disteclimited.