Product Information- 29/02/2016

Please be advised that selected part numbers are discontinued. While we make every effort to minimize product changes, at times changes are dictated by market conditions. When this occurs, we try to offer a suitable replacement product with equal or better specifications. In this case the 16:10 19” wide panels have been phased out by the panel manufacturers which will require a movement over to the 16:9 monitor lines. See below for suggested replacement parts.


Obsolete Part Number- E965017

Obsolete Product Description- ET1938L-8CWA-3-D-NPB-G

Recommended Replacement Part Number- E855244

Replacement Description- ET1940L-8UWA-0-MT-NPB-D-G

Note: Suggested replacements may not be cosmetically, mechanically or electrically compatible to the obsolete product.
When products are obsolete, every effort is made for a smooth transition:

Last-time buy orders for the selected 1938L model will be accepted until March 3rd, 2016 with last-time shipments made by July 31st, 2016.