Please be advised that the 19C Series Rev. B AiO Touchcomputers are being discontinued and are replaced with the 20” X-Series AiO Touchcomputers. While Elo Touch Systems make every effort to minimize product changes, at times changes are dictated by market conditions and component availability. Elo Touch Sytems will work closely with current customers to transition this demand.


Obsolete Part Numbers Obsolete Product Description Recommended Replacement Part Number Replacement Description
E277227 ESY19C2-8UWB-0-ZB-MT-W7-32-GY E441292 ESY20X2-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-2G-3H-W7-64-BK
E797640 ESY19C3-8UWB-0-ZB-MT-W7-64-GY E353206 ESY20X3-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK
E038028 ESY19C5-8UWB-0-ZB-MT-W7-64-GY E353405 ESY20X5-2UWA-1-MT-ZB-4G-1S-W7-64-BK


Note: Suggested replacements may not be cosmetically, mechanically or electrically compatible to the obsolete product. Check the Elo website for detailed product specifications.

Elo Touch Systems will continue to take orders for all of these products based on a first-come, first-served basis, provided inventory is available. Today they have a limited inventory of most of these products; however, inventory levels will determine when the last shipments of these products will occur. Once the current inventory is depleted they can no longer build these products.