Obsolete Product Information

Please be advised that all parts in the 1930L, 1931L, 1937L, 1939L, 1940L, and 2740L open frame product families are being phased out and replaced by the new 90-Series open frame touchscreen monitors. Many parts have previously been moved to EOL in preparation for this transition. This notice affects all remaining active part numbers for these families. While we make every effort to minimize product changes, at times product refreshes are needed to keep products current with new technologies and features. When this occurs, we try to offer a suitable replacement product with equal or better specifications. Please see table below for suggested replacement parts.


12 Month Transition Plan – 9 Months last time buy + 3 Months last time shipment

When products are obsolete, every effort is made for a smooth transition.


  • Last-time buys for the 1930L, 1931L, 1937L, 1939L, 1940L, and 2740L models will be accepted until March 29th, 2017 with last-time shipments made by June 29th, 2017.


  • Please note that it is possible that some of these models such as the Infrared and SCAP units cannot be ordered as their components may have gone EOL already. Please consult with your sales representative for specific part numbers and details.


Please work closely with your Elo sales representative on specific ongoing run-rate projects to develop a transition plan to the new units. 


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