Product Information


Elo is proud to announce a significant step for Android in the world of mPOS – the best-of-breed I-series for Point of Sale (POS) solution. The mPOS platform combines modern mobile architecture with the flexibility and configurability of traditional POS systems, making it ideal for boutiques to large enterprise environments. Elo’s commercial Android tablet overcomes the challenge of using consumer devices for fixed POS, simplifying installation, connectivity, life cycle, maintenance and support.

To make POS management even easier, pair your POS terminals with EloView®. Elo’s cloud-based SaaS platform EloView allows you to simplify and automate the configuration and deployment of Elo Android devices as well as POS applications and software updates across multiple locations remotely. It is easy to use, quick to deploy and affordable.

At the core of the POS offering is the powerful Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM Quad-Core Android processor built into the I-Series Android all-in-one. With a high sensitivity 10 touch interactive screen and bright IPS display, users get a “tablet-like” experience that is compatible with most Android applications. Available in 10-, 15.6- and 21.5 inch sizes, Elo’s touchscreen computers are retail-hardened to withstand the rigors of commercial and public settings and are backed by a two-year standard warranty. 

Point of sale applications need the essentials like cash drawers, printers, scanners and payment terminals to complete the transaction at checkout. Certified by Elo, these essentials ensure your platform operates seamlessly. And, with the expansion module mounted on the back of the I-Series, we have designed a point of sale terminal that delivers the I/O’s required to enable clean connectivity to these peripherals, including the ability to share peripherals between POS terminals using Ethernet. In addition, Elo offers integrated peripherals that round out the point of sale solution including encryptable MSR, barcode scanner, payment ready NFC and EMV cradles.   


Elo offers a flip stand design that seamlessly converts the employee facing cash register to customer facing display to promote loyalty programs and payment methods or even a kiosk mode where customers can self-serve. Depending on your needs, Elo offers a variety of pole and desktop mounts to fit your point of sale design including the option to install the expansion module, a POS connection hub, on the back of the I-Series or under the Flip Stand for better cable management.


The strategically designed Android I-series for POS helps reduce the overall cost of hardware in your environment. The modularity of the offering allows for your choice of screen size, expansion module, mounts, peripherals and customer facing displays based on requirements to execute transactions, self-service, loyalty programs and more.


Key Competitive Advantages

Size Options

Available in sizes larger than most consumer tablets which is a necessity for point-of-sale applications


Elo devices can be remotely configured, updated, managed and secured


Backed by 2 years standard warranty rather than 1 year or less with consumer tablets


Product lifecycle of  3-6 years so we can support you through the lifecycle of a typical cash register

Clean Connectivity

Elo’s expansion module provides clean connectivity without compromising aesthetics. In addition, connectivity does not rely solely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in store. Wi-Fi can be unreliable especially in high volume environments. An Ethernet connection is faster and more reliable in store. In addition, optional 3G/4G LTE Module is available.
I-Series ports: LAN RJ45 (Gigabit), Audio, USB Micro (HDMI, SD and USB), GPIO Interface
Expansion module ports: 1x 24V USB, 1x 12V USB, 2x USB, 1x Serial RJ45


Elo’s SDK makes it easy for developers to certify hardware and connect to peripherals


Elo’s modular offering allows for a customized set up at the cash register


A flip stand allows for the same unit to be used as an employee facing register, customer facing display or a self-serve kiosk

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