With the addition of DNP3 protocol support, Red Lion’s Graphite® Human Machine Interface (HMI) operator panels and Core Controllers are now even better suited to meet the needs of remote industrial facilities. The ability to connect DNP3 equipment to Graphite platform devices results in easier monitoring and improved communication capabilities for existing DNP3 networks.


Native support for the DNP3 network protocol on the Graphite platform creates a powerful solution that enables seamless communication between DNP3 devices and other equipment without the need for third-party protocol converters. The DNP3-enabled Graphite platform provides remote access, data logging and alarming with the added capability to display data in indoor or outdoor applications. This makes the solution ideal for industries such as power and utility, oil and gas, and water/wastewater that network outdoor equipment.

“DNP3 is a key communication protocol to add to Red Lion’s rugged Graphite platform. With the potential to serve as a lynch pin between indoor and outdoor equipment, DNP3 functionality enables integration into existing DNP3 networks while also providing the ability to add equipment that is not on the DNP3 protocol.”


Jeff Thornton
Red Lion Controls