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“Red Lion’s Sixnet wireless gateways and RTUs together supplied a top notch single-source solution for our clients in the oil industry.”
- Krzysztof Palka, PumpWell Solutions

Customer: PumpWell Solutions- www.pumpwell.ca

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Challenges: > Optimize equipment > Increase oil production > Reduce energy consumption > Improve network security



  • Industrial Automation- Sixnet VersaTRAK® IPm2m RTU Sixnet EtherTRAK® I/O module
  • Industrial Networking Sixnet IndustrialPro® cellular router

Results: > Reliably control operations > Drive efficient performance > Protect infrastructure > Reduce cost of ownership


Project Scope:

PumpWell Solutions utilizes patent-pending proprietary methods to find and implement superior well operating parameters. Requiring precisely accurate operation control, PumpWell employs advanced AC motor speed technology coupled with powerful computer, communication and external sensor components to maximize oil production while minimizing energy consumption and equipment breakdown. The company required a monitoring and control solution to optimize equipment, increase production, improve security and reduce total cost of ownership.



PumpWell deployed a combination of Red Lion Sixnet RTUs and cellular routers for data logging at the well head, central data retrieval and archive storage center. Red Lion’s Sixnet VersaTRAK IPm2m RTU controller enables PumpWell to reliably control pump jack operation and data logging. Working with the EtherTRAK I/O combo module for fast 5mS analog input, the RTU controller provides accurate pump stroke position readings. Additionally, Red Lion’s Sixnet IndustrialPro cellular router with built in 5-port Ethernet switch is used to connect the well pump’s Ethernet drive and I/O module to the RTU controller. The cellular router delivers direct communication between the remote control center and multiple IP field devices, thereby eliminating the need for remote site visits.



Red Lion’s Sixnet IPm2m RTU controller, EtherTRAK module and IndustrialPro router worked together to help PumpWell increase production and improve performance by making wells more profitable and efficient.


The end result: > Eliminates remote site visits to reduce total cost of ownership > Facilitates connectivity in space-constrained locations > Protects infrastructure through advanced, built-in security > Easy communication to multiple remote IP devices



Network Diagram: