MRS Electronic Gateways

We are an exclusive UK distributor for MRS Electronic - GmbH & Co. KG

We offer a wide range of MRS Electronic Gateways including:

  • CAN I/O PLC / RS485 Gateway (Rev.G)

  • CAN I/O PLC / RS232 Gate­way (Rev.G)

  • CAN Gateway Module

  • Universal Gateway 5x CAN

  • CAN I/O PLC Waterproof / RS485 Gateway

  • CAN I/O PLC Waterproof / RS232 Gateway

  • Micro PLC CAN LIN

  • Micro Gateway

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MRS Electronic
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Gateways are the central point of contact for all control units. You can transmit and evaluate all information and data, so all ECUs can communicate and work with each other. They are used primarily in the automotive sector, where they control and coordinate all control units in the vehicle. This enables error-free and secure communication between all controllers.

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