Medigenic Infection Control Keyboard

  • Two Product Versions;

    1. EssentialAn easy to clean, cost effective keyboard for use in any medical environment

    2. ComplianceThese patented infection control keyboards help monitor their own cleaning status to safeguard both patient and staff.  It is available in a 101/102 cart size and a 104/105 standard keyboard size.

  • High Speed Data Entry

  • Sanitize in Seconds

  • Audio and Visual Alerts

  • Disinfection without Disconnection

  • Backlit Keys

Volume Discounts

Please contact us if you wish to be quoted for bulk pricing.


Strong arguments for improved infection-control methodology are evident where computer keyboards collect biological contaminants and require attention to maintain disinfection. The Medigenic keyboards feature a moisture-resistant surface comprised of a pliant silicon based material making it impervious to spray or liquid cleaning products. Healthcare professionals can swiftly document care with excellent tactile key response.

The Medigenic solution cleans easily while offering healthcare professionals a high data rate versus conventional keyboards. The Medigenic keyboard is designed for use in medical environments. Unlike conventional computer keyboards that can harbor reservoirs of harmful bacteria, this state-of-the-art computer keyboards that can harbor reservoirs of harmful bacteria, this state-of-the-art contamination.

In just seconds, the Medigenic keyboard’s smooth non-porous surface can be clinically cleaned by utilizing a hospital-approved germicidal spray or wipe, including alcohol-based compounds. There are no raised keys to wipe around; no covers requiring replacement or disposal; no reason to submerge and dry.

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