Kiosk Market

Information and Self-service Kiosks for High-traffic Public Areas

Touchscreen interactive kiosks were first introduced to commercial and retail settings in the 1980s. Their simplicity and usability has made a significant impact on waiting times in the healthcare and retail industry. Kiosks are the future! Especially as the younger generation are becoming more in tune with the use of electronic interfaces.

As a result the healthcare and retail industries are constantly wanting to find efficient solutions that reach audiences in a way they find easy, but also with significantly reduced queues and waiting times.

Distec provide such solutions that can be customised for your specific application. They are also extremely well built and durable to meet the physical demands by the use of children. If you are looking for a kiosk – look no further.

We also provide the essentials needed for any Kiosk manufacturer and already have a large clientele who love our products and the excellent service we provide. The components we provide are touch screens digital signage players which are both ideally designed for kiosk applications.   

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