Red Lion Graphite® Edge Controller

  • Rugged controller with built-in control engine

  • Protocol conversion feature converts 13 protocols simultaneously

  • Over 300 built-in drivers allows easy data mapping to plcs, pcs, and scada systems

  • Built-in web server allows remote view or control from any internet-connected pc or smart phone

  • Syncs data logs to ftp servers and microsoft sql server®

  • Provides email and sms text message alerts (sms requires gmhspa00 module)

  • Configured using crimson® 3 software with crimson control

  • 3 fully isolated serial communication ports (1 rs232 and 2 rs422/485)

  • 2 10 base t/100 base-tx ethernet connections can connect to an unlimited number of devices via ten protocols simultaneously

  • Integrated graphite rack expansion port. add up to 4 gexrack2 3 port expansion racks.

  • Cast aluminum case

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The Graphite® Edge Controller is designed to remotely connect, monitor and control equipment in process applications. At the core of the product is Crimson® 3.0 featuring an embedded IEC61131 control engine, that can be configured via Ladder, Function Block, Structured Text, and Instruction List. Additionally, the Graphite Edge Controller is optimized for multi-vendor environments with powerful protocol conversion, built-in data logging and a virtual operator interface for remotely viewing equipment and processes. The Edge Controller can be expanded to meet almost any application requirement through the use of plug-in digital and analog I/O modules that leverage the Graphite Expansion Racks. The integrated rack port supports 4 GEXRACK2 bases (12 modules). An additional 12 modules can be added using the USB host port (GEXRACK1, 3 GEXRACK2).

Red Lion’s industry leading protocol library offers access to over 300 drivers including PLCs, drives, cameras, bar code readers and many other devices providing easy data mapping to PLCs, PCs, and SCADA Systems. In addition, the Edge Controller can convert over 13 protocols simultaneously, seamlessly connecting and communicating with disparate devices. Graphite Edge Controllers offer numerous communication ports including high-speed RS-232/485 and 10/100BaseT(X) Ethernet ports. Additionally, the Edge Controller features built-in USB host ports for fast downloads of configuration files and access to trending and data logging information. Eliminate the need for external protocol converters and use an Edge Controller to connect and control to all your devices.

The Graphite Edge Controller can be programmed with Red Lion’s Crimson 3.0 software using a simple drag and drop interface to configure data tags, virtual displays, protocol conversion and data logging in minutes. Embedded in Crimson 3.0 software platform is the IEC 61131 control engine, Crimson Control which can be written in 4 programming languages including Ladder, Function Block, Structured Text, and Instruction List. The controller comes with Crimson Control functionality enabled, without the need for additional equipment or modules.

Red Lion’s Edge Controller is housed in an all-aluminum housing, which provides reliable operation that can withstand even the most demanding environments. The result is an industrially-hardened solution that connects, monitors, and controls disparate equipment in multivendor applications.

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