N-Tron N-Ring Self Healing Redundant Network Topology

N-Ring Technology

The switch's ring manager, using N-TRON's N-Ring technology, offers expanded ring size capacity, detailed fault diagnostics, and a standard healing time of ~30ms. The ring manager periodically checks the health of the ring via packets. If the ring manager stops receiving these health check packets, it converts the Ring to a linear bus topology within ~30ms. When all switches in the ring are N-TRON fully managed switches, a detailed ring map and fault location chart will also be provided on the ring manager’s web browser and OPC server to identfy the health status of the ring. N-Link allows the linking of two N-Rings. Up to 250 fully managed N-TRON switches can participate in N-Ring topologies.

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Mission critical network applications frequently require redundant paths of communication (redundant media) in the event that one path is lost. If media redundancy is employed, only one path can be active at a time. One solution is to have a redundant self healing N-Ring architecture.
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